Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Time no Update

hahahaha haaai ciiiyyyn...


I am deeply sorry guys, lama yee ga ngepost. busy busy busy...... gue bolak balik bandung buat ngurus kuliah

dan positif, I'm gonna take a hiatus. my first time of it. hehe

C u next month okay! with my fresh story as a freshman in a campus life! woooohoooooo!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

This is a sad,sad day

My thoughts & prays to the victims (and their family) of suicide blast in Jakarta's Ritz Carlton & JW Marriot. Semoga korban & keluarga diberi ketabahan & kesembuhan, amin. This is surely a tough day to us, but we have to stand strong. God bless us all

Sukses para teroris itu bikin panik 1 Jakarta, 1 Indonesia. Seriously I dont understand what were they thinking to have decision of that suicide blast, to terror our life again. Apa sih keuntungan mereka? kalo ini menyangkut masalah suatu agama, please.. you are so wrong.. Bombing/Terroring tragedy are enemies of all religion.

Pokoknya lets hope for the best for Indonesia. We haven't know what is their motive, and who have done this. and guys, please don't take too much assumption about who have done this. Jamaah Islamiyah lah, Al-Qaeda (ya, katanya AQ ditenggarai udh masuk Indo) lah, kita belum tau siapa. Jangan menuduh/menkambinghitamkan agama. like I said, this tragedy is an enemy of all religion.

I did watch Pak SBY's speech. I support him. Turut menyesal dia ternyata jadi sasaran latihan tembak para orang-orang misterius itu. Yah itulah risiko pemimpin negara. Tapi please pak, jangan politisir kejadian ini.. semua dapet impact-nya kok dari masalah ini. semua turut sedih, dan semua turut mengutuk kejadian ini. We're all here as one, Indonesia

dan satu lagi yang bikin gue tambah sedih. MU HAS CONFIRMED THEIR CANCELATION TOUR. Ya, gue udh nunggu mereka dateng since I was born (lebay), mereka gajadi dateng. Padahal ada countdown to kick-off box di blog gue, mereka tinggal besok terbang kesini, malah gajadi dateng. Nasib lah. gue pajang aja dah tiketnya. Buat UnitedIndonesia, promotor & sponsor, yang sabar ya.. hiks sedih gabisa liat Ryan Giggs dll live.. huhu

last but not least.. I know it sounds creepy & rude.. but I wanna say to the terrorist.. I curse the day you were born


Bye guys. Be tough okay

P.S: buat yang punya twitter, do tweet as much as you can terus cantumin #indonesiaunite. untuk tunjukin ke seluruh dunia (dan para teroris, kalo mereka punya twitter ;p) kalo kita kuat & tegar. Eits jangan lupa, follow twitter gue hehehe

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Young Blood (read: Darah Muda)

I am usually prefer a man which is 'lebih berumur' than the young-age one. You know.. like Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Eric Bana, John Mayer (is he 'too' old already? lol), etc.

but nowadays, i think i'm kinda love those young & cute & handsome boys, such as:

David Henrie from Wizards of the Waverly Place

this is his latest photo, with his new haircut

Taylor Lautner from Twilight Movie

Michael Cera from Juno and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Shia LaBeouf from Transformers

and 0f course.. Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire ! hehehe

Anyway, his upcoming movie "The Last Airbender" will be release in 2010. Dev played as 'Zuko'. and fyi, Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper Cullen on Twilight, will also play in this movie.

this is its official teaser trailer

toodles ^

Love, love

Kellan Lutz (played as Emmet Cullen on Twilight)

Dev Patel photoshoots for NYLON magazine May 2009


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Most Wanted Items

These are the items that I want so bad

Coach Poppy Bags, me lovey..

Sergio Rossi for Puma

Steve Madden shoes

Alexander Wang Denim-Leather Jacket

Converse by John Varvatos Jackets

Levi's Leather Moto Jacket

Stars Pictures

Emma Watson, The Red Carpet Queen

This is how Young Women supposed to look on the red carpet. How lovely

Love the two-tone oxford shoes!

Taylor Momsen

Natalie Portman

Selena Gomez

Anne Hathaway

Zooey Deschanel ( I always pronounce her last name as 'Disneychannel'. haha how embarassing)

Mischa Barton

Miley Cyrus Photoshoots for Elle Magazine August 2009

Honestly.. I dont really like her. But in these pictures, She looks absolutely stunning. Not a babygirl anymore, huh?

And this is how a Real Woman looks..

Demi Moore (or Mrs. Kutcher)

Reese Whiterspoon

Cameron Diaz

But absolutely NOT LIKE this

Jessica Simpson

Lily Allen

That was bad outfits.. eww